whiskey stones

I’m sure you’ve heard of whiskey stones (or whisky stones for the Scotch drinkers), otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But what are they? Simply put, whiskey stones are stones you put in your whiskey. But why put rocks in your glass of whiskey, or gin or vodka etc? Usually people enjoy their whiskey or favorite booze with ice, also known as “on the rocks”. This is to keep your drink cool and for some, make it easier to enjoy.

The problem with this however is that it will eventually dilute your whiskey, and if you’re drinking an expensive single malt you don’t want that to happen. That’s the reason for whiskey stones. Usually made out of granite or soapstone you keep them in the fridge to cool them then just add them to your favorite glass of whiskey, they’ll keep your drink cool without diluting it. Whiskey stones aren’t only for whiskey however, they work well for rum, vodka, gin, tequila and more.

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